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About Nature Inclusive

We are a sustainability consulting company that works with international agencies and businesses to protect the environment and facilitate social inclusion.
Rapid socioeconomic transformation needs to take place within the next decade in order to achieve essentially "zero greenhouse gas emission by 2050".It is therefore important for governments and businesses to plan and implement sustainability plans and strategies.It is equally important for governments and businesses to understand their social responsibilities especially in the global context.Two important responsibilities include "sustainable use of natural resources" and "social inclusion". These are essential constituent of "sustainable development". Nature Inclusive provides consultation service to develop and implement such strategies and plans.
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Main Topics

Our Approach

Global and Local Perspectives

Understanding local context is key to successfully implement sustainability initiatives; We provide sound localised solution towards global issues such as climate change.

Global Network

Our staffs have experience working in various countries and with diverse stakeholders; Our clients could utilise our global reach to establish their local partners and counterparts.

Expertise Through Collaboration

Topics such as Social Inclusion, Climate Change, and Responsible Sourcing requires vast arrays of expertise. We provide such expertise to our clients, not only by ourselves but through collaboration with our partners.

On The Ground Support

We don't just provide our clients with research, strategy & plans. We take pride in providing on the ground support as well.

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